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Welcome to Denny's Atlantic Detailing Products

car detailing denny's atlantic detailing products

Denny's Atlantic Detailing Products is a division of Denny Marketing Ltd. We are pleased to offer detailing products to auto dealers, collision and repair centres and detailing centres throughout Canada. 

entire car protection logoCeramic Coatings 


The origin of Ceramic Coatings comes from Aerospace exploration. During re-entry into the atmosphere, units will experience a tremendous amount of heat. Engineers needed a product to put on the exterior of the unit to help in defending this temperature increase. This is where ceramic coatings come into play and why they were developed.


Original paint sealants work by polymer interaction on the surface of the vehicle. Although extremely resistant, they do not bond with the paint itself, rather, just surround it. Ceramic Coatings work on a different level. Instead of surrounding the paint, they bond to the surface through the silicate present in the coating. This creates a much more durable relationship between the product and the surface. Aside from the interaction between the paint and the coating, ceramic uses nanotechnology combined glass silicate. With the nanotechnology, the product fills all porous elements in the paint as it bonds to it. This creates less surface tension, meaning extreme hydrophobic properties. With the extreme beading, this is where the term easier “self-maintenance” comes into play. With the water beading, it will grab majority of the surface imperfections and run it off the vehicles surface. The glass silicate provides a deep finish and enhanced gloss and maintains the to 90% over the warranted time period (compared to 20% without anything).

ECP Diamond Ceramic

We have utilized this technology to create a water supplied alternative. This form of application allows the applier to be less tedious with the application process. Due to the nature of water, the product is carried throughout all surfaces the water touches, which eliminates the error of “missed spots” or “high spots” our typical coatings may leave. We have also added Diamond Dust Particles, creating an even more elevated protection and durability.

car with ecp diamond ceramic coating


Although typical paint sealants are still a great alternative, ceramic coatings are the peak in protection for the exterior surfaces. One may notice much greater longevity and durability with ceramic coatings than traditional paint sealants. They will also see much more hydrophobic properties and increased protection.

For more information contact Matt Garagan