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Automotive Sales Training

Total Personal Development in Sales Training

The New Wave

Today's Sales training is based on total personal development of the salesperson. The top salespeople develop themselves as an all round person learning personal and social skills as well as sales training techniques. The person who learns all the skills develops self-esteem leading to confidence in all aspects of Life. With this increase in self-esteem and confidence the salesperson has a better balance in dealing with people, which increases his ability to build rapport with his or her clients. A lot of times the Salesperson is uncomfortable with asking questions especially in a room full of peers. Training needs to support everyone involved to keep everyone motivated.

With such a sales driven world we need to know how to act, when to present and when to close. We have such a “drive thru” society that time is of the essence. Also, even our Sales Team are hesitant to be off the floor for any extended period of time isn’t it better to have training when “they have time” not when someone shows up to do the training. Plus as a leader you get to see that each module is being done and if that module is not completed you cannot move on to the next step.

We find that after Sales Training Sessions your Team is on a high but what happens after that month is completed? Do they return to habits? Do they loose confidence? Forget the training? This program eliminates those concerns and keeps the sales team always involved. If you put forth the training you know when it is being completed – not what you are being told !!!

 Our Total Personal Development program is a hands on Interactive Training subscription which covers six different categories.

Sales University – Sales University has developed a world-class sales training curriculum that trains salespeople of all levels to master the art and science of sales. We train the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts on how to close

The techniques used in these modules allow the salesperson to be totally involved in the training and builds the skills of the new salesperson as well as the more experienced salesperson. It covers all sales techniques especially objection handling,advance selling techniques,customer service,contacting and more. The techniques learned can be used in the selling of any product because it is based on creating rapport and building trust with clients. Management can keep the staff accountable by using the Performance Report section and either review the performance during meetings or one on one.

Rascal Radio – a customizable personal development radio station covering personal,professional and financial development from leadership experts including New York Times best selling authors Orin Woodward and Chris Brady.

Life Library—a collection of videos on subjects of financial literacy,leadership,freedom and community service from recognized top business and thought leaders in the world today.

The Leadership Platform-- provides professional training in communication, goal setting, sales, entrepreneurial ism,leadership and success.

Audio Books-- audio books on leadership principles,relationship skills,public speaking techniques,problem-solving principles and conflict resolution techniques.

Language Learning – a selection of 90 language options teaching proven methods and techniques.

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