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F&I Performance with Denny Marketing Ltd.

Finally... an easy, simple way for you to get top F&I performance! Anyone who was around in the early 1990's will tell you that Team One Research first introduced the concept of F&I menus to the automobile industry.

Every menu in the marketplace today is licensed by us or is a copy of our earliest menus. However, that was just the beginning. Through continued research and process development, and through extensive "real world" research and trial and error with the top F & I departments in the country, we have broken the F&I process down to an easy simple process that you can learn and use immediately. Our training has produced the overwhelming majority of the top F&I departments in the U.S. That's because it's simple, easy to learn quickly, and it works. We really do have the secret to top F&I performanceRead more: 

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One Week Later

Posted Nov 16th, 2016

Hi there,

I have lived in the United States previously, Florida actually; what I don’t think that Canadians understand is the fact Americans are only taught about their country in school. Geography and history are really how the 52 States work, not how the world works. As we criticize, we need to also look at their point of view. If the current system is not working or has not worked, and now we have someone that is promising to make it go away then that gave them hope. For I truly believe it isn’t Trump that they are voting for, it is the promise of change and a big "NO" to the Clintons. I really hope that the culture of the Americans will not lead the next 4 years to hate and individuality as a Country - there is still no "I in team." We as Canadians did the same in our own election, we voiced our concerns about having the same politics as previously and we wanted to change.

Is President-Elected Trump a bully, a racist, and a chauvinist??? Absolutely!
This has been proven over and over again. However, the facts remain that the people have spoken and let this be a lesson to all to never underestimate your opponent as it may just come back and put egg on your face.

I don’t believe in mixing politics with business but there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. It shows that if you truly believe in yourself, you can become President one day. The biggest lesson, though, is to listen to the people for they do have the final voice. This has been a quiet revolution with drastic results. The proof will be in the pudding, so to speak.

Until next time,


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The season of giving not receiving

The season of giving not receiving

Posted Dec 4th, 2016 in General

Many of us are blessed with the lives we live. We may find things tight at times but always seem to manage. I cannot even imagine going days without food, heat or water, the simple things in life. When you give it is a part of this season for it is truly about giving rather than receiving.

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We have a new addition to the team! Welcome Matt Garagan!

We have a new addition to the team! Welcome Matt Garagan!

Posted Nov 24th, 2016 in General

A big warm welcome to Matt Garagan! Matt will be looking after all of our detail products, service and parts. He will also be able to train our customers on application of chemical products

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You have just bought a new or used RV – Does it have a warranty?

Posted Nov 4th, 2016

What is a warranty? A manufacturer’s warranty is an assurance to the purchaser that a product is free from defects. The warranty also provides a promise to repair or replace the product if this is not the case. Warranties are not intended to cover wear and tear of components.

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