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Creditor and GAP Insurance for integrity. 


Safe-guarding your products.


The strength of service is in the warranty. 

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty equals customer satisfaction. 

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F&I Performance with Denny Marketing Ltd.

Finally... an easy, simple way for you to get top F&I performance! Anyone who was around in the early 1990's will tell you that Team One Research first introduced the concept of F&I menus to the automobile industry.

Every menu in the marketplace today is licensed by us or is a copy of our earliest menus. However, that was just the beginning. Through continued research and process development, and through extensive "real world" research and trial and error with the top F & I departments in the country, we have broken the F&I process down to an easy simple process that you can learn and use immediately. Our training has produced the overwhelming majority of the top F&I departments in the U.S. That's because it's simple, easy to learn quickly, and it works. We really do have the secret to top F&I performanceRead more: 

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News + Updates From the Solutions Team

Keep up-to-date with new ideas & strategies for building valuable & engaging customer experiences.

My favourite article of 2016!

My favourite article of 2016!

Posted Jan 12th, 2017 in General

A Syrian family in Antigonish, N.S., says they're financially independent on their one-year anniversary in Canada, having made a sweet success of their start-up business.

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Entire Car Protection

Posted Jan 6th, 2017 in General

We can not only provide Undercoating, Paint and Fabric needs but can also help if you have scratches, discolouration and smells. Interested? Ask us and we can come in and give you a demo!

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Posted Dec 21st, 2016 in General

As this year winds down I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who have made it possible throughout the year!

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What's your 2017 business goals?

What's your 2017 business goals?

Posted Dec 15th, 2016 in General

With 2016 almost behind us, have you started thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2017? What do you have planned in order to increase business for 2017?

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